cookbook (repository) の作成

[~/chef-test/chef-repo]$ knife cookbook create ope-user -o site-cookbooks
** Creating cookbook ope-user
** Creating README for cookbook: ope-user
** Creating CHANGELOG for cookbook: ope-user
** Creating metadata for cookbook: ope-user

recipe の作成


[~/chef-test/chef-repo]$ knife solo cook melody
Running Chef on melody...
Checking Chef version...
Uploading the kitchen...
Generating solo config...
Running Chef...
Starting Chef Client, version 11.8.2
Compiling Cookbooks...
Converging 4 resources
Recipe: hello::default
  * log[Hello Knife!] action write

Recipe: ope-user::default
  * user[ope] action create
    - create user user[ope]

  * group[ope] action create
    - alter group group[ope]
    - replace group members with new list of members

  * group[wheel] action modify
    - modify group group[wheel]
    - add missing member(s): ope

Chef Client finished, 4 resources updated
[~/chef-test/chef-repo]$ ssh melody
Last login: Sun Feb 16 11:03:59 2014 from
[vagrant@vagrant-centos-6 ~]$ su ope
[ope@vagrant-centos-6 vagrant]$ whoami
[ope@vagrant-centos-6 vagrant]$ groups
ope wheel
[ope@vagrant-centos-6 vagrant]$

git commit

うまく行ったので commit する

[~/chef-test/chef-repo]$ git add .
[~/chef-test/chef-repo]$ git commit -m "add ope-user"


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